MAY 2018

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Beginner Friendly Lessons  / Just Drop In / No Partner is Required
  (This schedule is subject to change without notice!)
$8 Cash or Check  (Students with ID $4)
 Beginner (level 1)          Advanced Beginner (Level 2)         Intermediate (Level 3)
5:00 William Available for private lesson!
6:00 EAST COAST SWING           (Beginner / Level 2 Lesson)                  Amie
6:00 RUMBA / CHA CHA            (Intermediate  / Performance Level)    William
7:00 WEST COAST SWING           (Beginner Lesson)                                Celeste
7:00 HUSTLE                                       (Intermediate Lesson)                             William
8:00 WEST COAST SWING           (Intermediate Lesson)   NEW              Cathy
8:00 WEST COAST SWING            (Level 2 Lesson) ( 8 count whips)        Celeste
9:00 Practice Time / West Coast Swing & Hustle Music
5:00 William Available for private lesson!
6:00 RUMBA / CHA CHA         (Beginner / Level 2 Lesson)            Lucy
6:00 FOX TROT / WALTZ        (Beginner /  Progressive)          William 
7:00 SALSA                                    (Beginner Lesson)                            Lucy
7:00 NIGHT CLUB TWO STEP   (Beginner / Progressive)         William
8:00 SALSA                                      (Level 2 Lesson)                                    Lucy
8:00 SALSA                                   (Intermediate Lesson)                         William
WEDNESDAYS  … Come Join Cathy 
Northampton West Coast Swing Lessons & Dance  with  Cathy Benben
5:00 William  Available for private lesson!        
6:30 West Coast Swing    (Beginner Lesson)        Beth   (One lesson & Dance $10)
7:30 West Coast Swing    (Intermediate Lesson) Cathy (Two lessons & Dance $15)
8:30 Dance  / DJ  Cathy   with Occasional Guest DJ                      (Just the Dance $5)
The West Coast Swing Lessons & Dance are not a DN Blue Card available event!
Please contact Cathy to receive email updates or schedule changes !
5:00 William Available for private lesson!
6:00 SAMBA/BACHATA/MERENGUE   (Beginner Combo Level)          
6:00 SALSA                                    (Beginner Lesson)                   Lucy
7:00  COUNTRY WESTERN TWO STEP  (Beginner Progressive) William
 7:00 HUSTLE                               (Beginner / Level 2 Lesson)     Lucy
8:00 ARGENTINE TANGO      (Beginner / Progressive)          William
Note: The first Thursday of every month is Free if one possesses a Blue Card
FRIDAY  …  May 18th  “Country Dance” with  John Treworgy
Go to: ….
…. for more details !
5:00 William Available for private lesson!
………………  MAY 5th  ………………  CLOSED 
5:30 William Available for private lesson!
6:30 Salsa                     (Beginner Lesson)                   Amie    ($8 Includes Dance)
7:30 Waltz                   (Beginner Lesson)                   Marilyn ($8 Includes Dance)
7:30 Waltz                   (Intermediate Lesson)               William  ($8 Includes Dance)
8:30 Dance DJ Mixture of Ballroom, Swing, Latin & more!    (Just the Dance $10)
………………   MAY 12th ……………… 
5:30 William Available for private lesson!
6:30 Salsa                                    (Beginner lesson)    Amie      ($8 Includes Dance)
7:30 Cha Cha                            (Beginner Lesson)  Marilyn ($8 Includes Dance)
7:30 Cha Cha                     (Intermediate Lesson)  William   ($8 Includes Dance)
8:30 Dance DJ Mixture of Ballroom, Swing, Latin & more!   (Just the Dance $10)
  DJ Raphael
………………   MAY 19th  ………………
5:30 William Available for private lesson!
6:30 Salsa          (Beginner Lesson)                 Amie       ($8 Includes Dance)
7:30 Fox Trot     (Beginner Lesson)  Marilyn              ($8 Includes Dance)  
7:30 Fox Trot  (Intermediate Lesson)  William             ($8 Includes Dance)
8:30 Dance DJ Mixture of Ballroom, Swing, Latin & more! (Just the Dance $10)
………………   MAY 26th ………………   Live Music 
5:30 William Available for private lesson!
6:30 Hustle  (Beginner  Progressive lesson)   William      ($8 Includes Dance)
8:30 Dance  $8  … “FREE RANGE”  … Dancing through the decades …
Bestsy Scofield & Mark Feller playing pop music from 
the sixties to current day !
Open to the Public
Studio Space Available to Rent
Sunday’s … Friday Nights … Week Day’s
Contact William
GROUP LESSONS  (50 minutes in length)
Decide on the Dance Style you wish to learn and explore basic dance
fundamentals and a few simple moves. (1-6 lessons)
Review Basics then add New Moves, build muscle memory, incorporate
turning technique. (4 to 8 lessons)
Combine patterns learned, add new moves, incorporate Dance Technique,
Musicality and Add Styling.
Learn a Progressive Routine to a Score and Showcase at a Saturday Night
 Dance! / Performance Level !
If it occurs that “only one person” attends any drop-in Group Lesson …
That Person will be provided a choice of accepting an $8 gift certificate 
for another lesson at another time OR taking a  “private lesson” with the
instructor who was to teach the lesson at the regularly schedule time for
“only $25” …  Regularly Scheduled Private Lessons Cost $75
High School or College Students $15 for a Private Lesson at that time.
Will Assist in Accelerating the Dance Learning Curve. Contact individual
instructors for cost and availability. Questions ? Contact William
Your Wedding Dance is best accomplished through Private Lessons !
Private lessons with William are $75 per (55 minute session). (Package of 4 lessons/cost
is reduced to $65 per lesson) … (Package of 8 lessons/$55 per lesson). Cash or Check
William Marilyn Woodman , Anin Derouin , John Treworgy , Lucy Boilard 
Meli Morash , Evelyn Bloom , Celeste HartCathy Benben , Emily Fox , Beth Duryea
DJ Todd Griffin , DJ Nora , DJ Joni Fraser , DJ Raphael
Instructors & DJ’s are independent contractors … and are not employees
of Dance Northampton.
  (non refundable but certainly transferable)
Purchase a $96 Blue Card (12 pre-paid lessons) and your first lesson is FREE.
If a Blue Card is purchased by a couple … then two free lessons are received.
Plus The first Thursday of every month lessons are free (at ones current level)
*Exceptions: Workshops, Advance or Performance Lessons occurring on the first Thursday.
Plus Free private lesson with William is drawn, each month from the Blue Card file.
*(Please note that previous winners are not eligible again for one full year.)
Plus Williams Monday night Intermediate West Coast Swing lesson is also free. 
*If one has graduated from Level 2 West Coast !), and only when William is teaching.
Plus Private lessons with William are only $50 (regularly $75) with a Blue Card
* Note: The Blue Card is the students receipt.  Also, a students signature on the back
of the Blue Card, makes note of the fact that injuries can occur while dancing and each
each student is aware of this risk!

BC … winner for a private lesson with William / March / James J.
BC … winner for a private lesson with William / February / Lucia M.
BC … winner for a private lesson with William / January / Hope C.
Available in any combination (private/group) or denomination.
Gift Certificates are available during DN business hrs. or contact William
We Accept Cash or Checks at The Door – No Preregistration – Arrive Early
Join us with or without a partner. Please wear or bring Clean Dry Shoes to wear on
the dance floor. Check back often for schedule changes, notices and call
 (413-586-2422) for Snow Cancellation Info.
Take I-91, North or South to Exit 18.
At the end of the ramp, take a left onto Pleasant St.
Dance Northampton is 1/8 mile on your right, next to the Shell Gas Mart.
492 Pleasant Street 413-586-2422
On the Day of the Snow Occurrence …
An Informational Message will be Available on the Answering Machine by 2:00pm
Please Phone DN at 413-586-2422
Stop by the Dance Northampton Studio
anytime (between 6 & 9:00 pm) M-Th and
take home a Benjamin the Bubble Blowing Dragon
book for a young one in your life.